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are tax cuts good for america

are tax cuts good for america - it which does not directly...

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Noah Snyder POLS 101 Dr. Rebecca Brittion March 25, 2008 Are Tax Cuts Good for America? The tax question has been a hot button issue now for the last 96 years since the United States passed the Sixteenth Amendment. No doubt that the taxes levied by the federal government are beneficial as they pay for public schools, road and highway construction and maintenance, the police and fire department, social security, and many other public programs which we use and enjoy on a daily basis. Tax cuts when given only to the highest tax tier are not beneficial to the economy and America. They take away valuable monetary revenue that could be used to fund some much needed public programs. Trickledown economics doesn’t work the way it should. The theory goes that if the rich get richer then they either give raises to employees or will buy luxury items and the money will “trickle down” to the lower tax tiers. However this is not the case as many of these people take the extra money and either invest the money or save
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Unformatted text preview: it which does not directly contribute to growth of the lower classes. Amity Shlaes talks about the “greedy hand of government” but what about the “greedy hand of the wealthy friends of the government who reap the benefits of a tax cut for the rich”. It is truly amazing how President Bush still preaches tax cuts in the wave of a huge debt from the war in Iraq. Taxes are going to fund this war and he is advocating the lowering of them. However taxes cuts are not inherently bad or good. I agree with the plan Barack Obama has set forth to give tax cuts to the middle class: the ones who need the benefit of a tax cut the most. To conclude I think that tax cuts can be beneficiary to those who actually need them; the current system of tax breaks for the rich and corporations is not working and is not benefiting the economy....
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are tax cuts good for america - it which does not directly...

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