Islamic Profiling

Islamic Profiling - He is obviously a patriot with a fair...

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Noah Snyder POLS 101 Dr. Rebecca Britton April 3, 2008 Is Racial Profiling of Middle Easterners Justified I think both Daniel Pipes and David A. Harris both make good arguments in the pivotal question posed to the post-9/11 world: is racial profiling of Middle Easterners Justified. Pipes says that it is not middle easterners but Islamists that are the majority of the “terrorists” that have a distain for America and the ideals upheld in the constitution. He goes on to say that violence from these Islamists constitutes the majority of violence from all terrorists and Muslims in general. Another main argument of his is that “while not all Muslims are Islamic extremists, all Islamic extremists are Muslims” (175). He uses this main argument to justify the profiling of Muslims in airports. While these arguments are justified in the mind of Pipes that doesn’t mean that they are right. Pipes says that Islamists hate the personal freedoms that we as Americans get.
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Unformatted text preview: He is obviously a patriot with a fair understanding of American culture. Isn’t it a little hypocritical of someone who touts personal freedom to abridge the freedoms of others in the airport? David A. Harris makes good points in mentioning the dark history the United States has in racial profiling, citing Japanese internment and the McCarthy trials during the Red Scare. Harris also goes on to say that focus on “surface details tells us very little and draw(s) officers’ attention away from what is much more important and concrete: conduct” (185). He also goes on to say that if we submit all members of a certain ethnicity to these searches we will forever alienate them in a time that we need the most. In conclusion I agree more with David A. Harris that racial stereotyping is wrong and will only do more harm than good in the long run....
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Islamic Profiling - He is obviously a patriot with a fair...

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