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Affirmative Action PAPER

Affirmative Action PAPER - brings up the cases of UC...

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Noah Snyder POLS 101 Rebecca Britton March 13, 2008 Affirmative Action Affirmative action is an interesting topic that has been hotly debated recently. It is an intriguing topic because the issue in not split under normal partisan lines. There are Democrats that are against affirmative action, and there are Republicans who advocate affirmative action. I think that everyone should be equal. That is the main point of affirmative action. By having the workplace and colleges be microcosms of the greater population of people everyone gets an equal chance to succeed. However I think sometimes that affirmative action sometimes is not a good way of enforcing equality. The one thing that I worry about is that people deserving of a certain job or college admission will not be able to get said position because a less deserving person got in based on the fact that they are part of a minority. I thought Walter E. Williams had a much better argument against affirmative action that Glenn C. Loury had for it. Williams
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Unformatted text preview: brings up the cases of UC Berkley and UCLA and use of affirmative action in his argument. He states that special privilege for African American students creates a disadvantage for students of other ethnicities. Admittance to college should be based on whether that person is actually deserved of the honor of going to that college or not. Williams argues that not only does these practices hurt the more deserved students it hurts the African Americans students that do get into the school. In his argument Williams states that 70% of the African American students failed to graduate from UC Berkley. Perhaps if they had gone to a less prestigious but more academically suited school they would have succeeded in graduating. I think affirmative action looks good on paper but when put into practice it can be hurtful to not only those not benefiting from it, but the beneficiaries themselves....
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Affirmative Action PAPER - brings up the cases of UC...

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