moses abraham comparrison papaer

moses abraham comparrison papaer - between both Moses’...

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Noah Snyder RELS 100 Micki Lennon 2/8/08 Abraham’s Story vs. Moses’ Story Homework question :  How does Moses’ story compare to Abraham’s? Are there any themes  found in both stories, and if so, what are they? I think there is a lot more context and detail in Moses’ story as opposed to Abrahams.  Moses story starts from the day he was born until the day he dies. Abraham’s story starts when  he has reached young adulthood. I think the finding of one’s faith in the Lord is one of the  common themes for both of these stories. Both Moses and Abraham find their faith after either  losing it or never having it because of not knowing their identity as a Jew. A strong parallel 
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Unformatted text preview: between both Moses’ story and Abraham’s story is that G-d talks to both directly. Both Moses and Abraham when called upon by G-d say the same phrase “Here I am”. The two stories are either the beginning, or a renewal of the covenant with G-d. Both Abraham and Moses lead a people in one way or another. Abraham, being the patriarch of all Jews more metaphorically leads all of the Jewish people, while Moses quite literally leads the Hebrew people out of Egypt and into the land of Canaan. In conclusion there are some strong similarities between these two stories....
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moses abraham comparrison papaer - between both Moses’...

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