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Mime papper

Mime papper - table He goes back and closes the cabinet and...

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Noah Snyder April 3, 2008 THEA 130 Dr. Susan Pate Mime Scene Paper My mime scene involved simple but compelling circumstances for my character in which there was a clear conflict and eventual resolution. The “given circumstances” for my scene were my character was hungry and wanted to get something to eat. The scene obviously takes place in the kitchen. My character chose a pepper sandwich to resolve this conflict. The character I chose to portray is a college student who is likely out of or nearing the end of his resources. He is left with bread and spicy chili peppers. Naturally spicy sandwich sounds like a good idea because what doesn’t sound like a good idea when you are hungry. My character awakes from first position. He feels his stomach to signify that he is hungry. He goes to the table realizes that there is no bread out and then goes to the cabinet. He takes out the loaf of bread and puts it on the
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Unformatted text preview: table. He goes back and closes the cabinet and opens the refrigerator. He takes out a jar of chili peppers and sets it on the table. He takes out two pieces of bread to make the sandwich. He unscrews the top off of the chili peppers and takes one out. He slowly gazes at it as if regarding its power and its potency. He puts it between the two pieces of bread and takes a bite. Realizing he just made a huge mistake he drops the sandwich and runs around the kitchen mouth on fire. Not knowing what to do he runs over to the bathroom and tries to open the door but it won’t budge. He instead goes to the sink and turns on the water and laps up the cooling water with his tongue. This scene was interesting but very, very challenging to perform....
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Mime papper - table He goes back and closes the cabinet and...

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