My monolouge

My monolouge - pretty redhead walking down everyday out of...

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Tales from the Heart of the Playwright Listen Jim this is my life. This type of thing is human emotion. I’m a playwright I’m supposed to get human emotion. You know like I was in the subway the other day and there was this knock out… a bombshell. She was reading one of my scripts. I don’t know where she got it she probably found it lying in the dumpster or something for all I know. And you know what she was smiling and laughing for crying out loud! She liked what I wrote. Not even my parents like what I write. And you know what I didn’t even have the balls to go over and strike up the conversation. Pathetic. And this isn’t even the first time something like that has happened. I’m beginning to think I’m completely cursed. I have this problem I stare. No not like what you think not in a creepy way or anything. I can’t help it I see this
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Unformatted text preview: pretty redhead walking down everyday out of the building at 8 am coffee mug in her hand and you know what I do? I stare. And she gives me this look like, what are you looking at do I have a zit on my face? And then I subsequently look down ashamed and the eye contact is lost. Whats wrong with me? Awkwardness has defined every single moment of my entire life. Yet I constantly hear from everybody You are the one that makes it awkward. I suppose its some self fulfilling prophecy. Ive doomed myself in all relationships. Oh sure I have had friends that are girls before and its worked out. But then again every single relationship I have ever had with someone we had to be friends first! I cant do it I physically cannot ask a girl out like out of the blue you know like how TV and movies have taught the human race to do it....
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My monolouge - pretty redhead walking down everyday out of...

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