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Another Day in Baghdad

Another Day in Baghdad - building monologue to represent...

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Noah Snyder Theater 112 Gail Holbrook December 20, 2007 Another Day in Baghdad Synopsis Another Day in Baghdad is a drama about what is really going on in Iraq undoctored by the mainstream media. Written by David A. Tucker this play is probably one of the best original and amazingly touching plays I have seen in a long time. The playwright ties the story of a platoon that has gone through hell in Iraq together with amazing dialogue, goosebump-giving monologues, and a little bit of comedy every now and then. This is a straight drama but there are some funny elements like when they bring in the whole don’t ask don’t tell element to the story with one of the characters when they are playing cards. In the first few scenes the playwright kills off Marie Littleton a major character that had just previously had a significant character
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Unformatted text preview: building monologue to represent how someone who you know very well can die in an instant in Iraq. Littleton is quickly replaced by Wodjawoski a character who looks like her (played by the same person who played Littleton. Not only does the audience hear from the perspective of the soldiers they hear from some Iraqi citizens also. A translator named Fatima explains in the second act how she gets threats from people because she helps the American soldiers. The play ends with all of the soldiers coming home to a different world with different views on the war than when they had gone over only to discover that they are going out on another tour....
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