war in iraq paper

war in iraq paper - has sparked more hatred toward the...

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Noah Snyder POLS 101 Dr. Rebecca Britton April 17, 2008 Does The War In Iraq Help The War Against Terrorism? A question posed by many recently has been does the war in Iraq help the war on terrorism? I think that Robert Jervis has a much better argument than J. R. Dunn does in not rationalizing this war with the war on terror. J.R. Dunn say that “the Jihadist have lost Iraq and Afghanistan” however we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting these Islamists. Dunn also goes on to say that though fighting goes on its “at this point effectively theater” which is a blatant lie. We are far from done in Iraq. John McCain has said consistently that if we have to be in Iraq for 100 years then he will do it. J.R. Dunn also goes on to say that “many of (Al Qaeda’s) men have been killed off by US and Coalition action”. This is not true either. We don’t know how many men Al Qaeda has and we have no way of knowing. Furthermore our presence in Iraq
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Unformatted text preview: has sparked more hatred toward the United States which would in turn spark more terrorist and terrorist sympathizers. I think that Dunn is off base with the reality of the situation and that Robert Jervis has more of an accurate view point on Iraq. Our policy in Iraq has not sparked love for democracy or the United States. Jervis states that “in many countries, George Bush is more disliked than (Osama) bin Laden” . Jervis also goes on to say that how we deal with Iraq will be “reflected in reduced support for and cooperation with the United States. The cause for the war on terror is to stop terrorism in its tracks not create a new generation of terrorists who hate the United States even more then their parents. The war in Iraq is not helping the United States win the overall War on Terrorism....
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war in iraq paper - has sparked more hatred toward the...

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