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speech critique 1 - when some of these events took place I...

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Noah Snyder Section 13 TA: Alex Ware 9/17/07 Speech Critique Overall I thought Montana Kellmer’s speech “Moving Forward” was excellent. He used a great hook telling about all of the events leading up to his tragic yet healing heart attack. His explanation of how his parents split up and the bitter struggles during the custody battle invoke a feeling of sympathy in the viewer of the speech. It must have been difficult talking about such a hard part of his life in public to people he barely knew. I could tell that from the emotion in his face that it was difficult to retell the story of how he smashed that one kid’s face in for talking about his mom negatively. Montana uses great flow in his speech and gives the audience of the speech great descriptions of how he was feeling at the time
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Unformatted text preview: when some of these events took place. I also liked how Montana brought his story full circle to the beginning explaining that he had a heart attack and that that moment changed everything for him. That in one moment he fully understood clearly what he had to do to get his life back into shape. While he did have many good points in his speech he was weak in some areas. He looked down at his card frequently it seemed, as if he hadn’t rehearsed as much as he would have liked to. He also at times stumbled over a few words which I thought took away from the dramatic nature of the speech. Overall though I thought that Montana Kellmer’s speech “Moving Forward” was a good example of what a storytelling speech should look like....
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