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speech outline - Noah Snyder CMST 131-03 TA: Alex Ware...

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Noah Snyder CMST 131-03 TA: Alex Ware 10/22/07 Introduction I. Opening: Political Polling and Democrat Definition A. How many of you favor civil rights, the environment, honest leadership, open government, peace, strong education, and equal opportunities for every American? Chances are you are a democrat then. They care about social action. B. Democrats are defined in the Miriam-Webster dictionary as one who practices social equality. Today I am going to tell you why you should vote democrat in the 2008 election. C. Explain that there are two main parties: Democrats and Republicans II. Thesis: You should vote Democrat in the 2008 election. III. Explain why people should vote democrat A. Democrats have a rich history. B. Democrats favor peace over war and wish to withdraw from the current war that we are in. Democrats also favor social equality for all no matter what color, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. Democrats also oppose government regulations most social issues
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C. Republicans are corrupt, at times hypocritical, support the interests of big business, stick to partisan politics, ignore separation of church and state and are a party of greed. Body I. Main Point: Democrats favor equal social and economic opportunities for all A. Lyndon B. Johnson helped front the civil rights act which gave African Americans and all races the same basic rights inherent to all human beings living in the united states B. FDR helped bring the United States out of the Great Depression. He came up with the
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speech outline - Noah Snyder CMST 131-03 TA: Alex Ware...

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