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Unformatted text preview:Student Name: Hallie Newman A Day No Pigs Would Die Study Guide The Plot Robert Newton Peck's A Day No Pigs Would Die follows a challenging time in the life of twelve- year-old Rob, a time in which he must confront and learn several life lessons. As you read, fill in the boxes for each element of the novel's plot. Climax: Haven and Rob need to kill Pinky. Pinky is barren 9 Rob learns his father is ill Rob forgives his father for Pinky's death 8 10 Rob sees a neighbor "weasel" his Rob admires his father for his simple helps to put it down. ways and adherence to Shaker law 7. 11 Rob gets invited to the Rutland Fair to show off his pig Falling Haven Peck dies 6. Action 12 Rob bonds with Pinky, the pig. Rob takes over the farm and we know he loves her 5. 13 The reader sees the relationship between Rob 4. and his dad Resolution: Rob learns about Shaker Rising Rob is no longer a child and is now law from h a man. 3. Action Rob receives a pig as a thank you 2. Rob helps a calf be born