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Administrator Responsibilites - balanced to other people...

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Brett Warfield February 25, 2008 SEC 302-302 Administration Rights and Responsibilities Administrators play an important role in the education system today. Ultimately, they are responsible for what goes on in their school. With that they have many responsibilities and rights that they must follow. A big part of the responsibilities of administrators is to further a child’s knowledge and understanding in both the classroom and the outside world. Because they deal with many of the problems in the schools, such as fight, vulgarity and so on, they must be the reasoning voice. Therefore, it is important for an administrator to be able to sort through the students “world views”. They must understand the difficulties the child goes through, maybe at home, with friends or the culture they live in. With that, they must show respect to the students. It is also necessary when dealing with problems to handle them with care. Teach students the gray areas in life and how to be fair and
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Unformatted text preview: balanced to other people and their beliefs. Moreover, the administrative staff is responsible for handling parents. It is important to keep them involved, to let them know when their child is doing well or poorly. They must also be respectful and understanding of cultural and other barriers that may present themselves. Administrators also have responsibilities to their staff. Their teachers run the classroom, where much of the education takes place. It is important to be an aide to teachers and assist in matters bad or good. Often times teachers and administrators will disagree and it is important to come to and agreement, maybe in the middle. Simply put, the students have more rights than the administration. In school and out they are provided the rights by the laws set forth. With that being said, administrators are the governing body of many of those rights and many responsibilities go with that in order to run a successful school....
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Administrator Responsibilites - balanced to other people...

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