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Knight Ch 1 Concepts of motion notes - Concepts of motion...

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Concepts of motion Chapter 1 Motion Diagrams Vectors and Scalars A scalar quantity has only ___________ and no direction. This means we can fully explain a scalar with a number and a ____: It is 36 o F on a cold winter day The ball fell for a time of 1.25 s The sled's kinetic energy was 0.54 J The length of a meter stick is 1m A vector quantity has both magnitude and ___________ Myrtle Beach is 300 mi East of Clemson. He drove with a velocity of 80 km/h due East. REMEMBER: Vectors will be written in boldface ( r ) or with an arrow over them ( ). This is important in differentiating between a scalar and a vector! r G Vector Properties A B Graphical Addition of Vectors: “ tip to tail method” + = = A B A+B A+B A B + = = A B B+A B+A + C = = A+B+C A B + Vector Properties Equality: A = B if and only if A and B have the same magnitude ( ___________ ) and direction ( ___________ ) A B Negative of a vector: A- A If A = (A x , A y ) then – A = (-A x , -A y ) Multiplication by a Scalar: A 2 3 A -A
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Distance and Displacement Displacement is the difference between the final position, r f , and the initial position, r i . A displacement to the right will be a positive displacement. That is, since ___________ . m 100 m 50 - m 150 r - r r i f = = = G G G 150m r f = G 50m r i = G 0 r > G For example, starting with r i = 50 m and ending at r f = 150 m, the displacement is ___________ A displacement to the left will be a negative displacement. That is, r < 0 since r i > r f . Distance is the ___________ ___________ of the displacement. You might give the displacement of some object as r = - 15 m. To describe the same thing in terms of distance you must say something like "it is located at a distance of 15 m, to the ___________ of the origin".
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Knight Ch 1 Concepts of motion notes - Concepts of motion...

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