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Physics1.Test2.p1.spring05 - WA‘T PHYS 2013 Test#2 1 A...

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Unformatted text preview: WA‘T PHYS 2013 Test #2 1. A pail of water with total mass m = 4.0 kg, containing 3.0 kg of water, is being swung at a constant speed 0f4r.0 m/s in a circle of radius 1.2m, as shown below. 1| a. What will be the tension in the string at theZ bottom of the swing? L / 8:;ch é? m ijw 7 22:22? 510»: Saw 1:409»)? “(it 1, ‘25133AJ % ’7 "’24“ 1293/0 b. What will be the tension in the string at the top of the swing? é:: max 1 iii: M" ifi‘fié “1’ M5 --—-* T11Ll,093%>ce 2‘? ”{0} <7 fishery? Z 1 fly— 0 #22} l c. What is the minimum speed the pail needs to be swung so that no water falls out of the pail? /; es 6}) w” Mari: :Lwam‘b" , L . M? Wee)? be!” (1. If the person lets go of the pail at the top, will the water then fall out of the pail (before hitting the ground)? Explain your answer. r? W .J wall-ID gm (do We‘Ffié—Ww‘ W 6%wfl” . W'rréMWF \ a \/ CfléWWéflmflWfiW Wfi‘i— WWWL‘M WW 5 - - Hr ,J‘TWQ'” Zflmg ’2‘“; m; 32‘“ c iflCW‘flxfi‘f “‘ t “F a , , a; we M W. WT é t W: means ms (1 04.3.50 mrN-G [9b Muwwfie TMF’W‘V we “3;??stth 5“— Amry; T1+€_ 5.204019 2. The two—block s stem shown below is shoved from the left with a force F at an an 1e of 40° below y g the horizontal. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction are us = 0.3 and pk : 0.2. The masses of the blacks are 0.8kg and 1.2kg, respectively. Answer the following questions. é‘érlfikok ...
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