Lowest Animal - and some doves They lived together in peace...

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I believe Michael Moore has scathing insights into humane nature as twain did. Moore is a TV Satirist who not only has left wing, liberal views, but he brings his views into Films and Books. His most famous work was an examination of the Bush administration's actions in the post events of 9/11, called Fahrenheit 911. In this documentary, Moore considers Bush’s presidency and where it has brought the United States as a nation. Relating Moore to Twain, I see that they both have experimented further into what they believe. Also, they are both very critical in a way that they will do whatever it takes to get their ideas across. In one of Twain’s experiments, he put a cat and a dog together in a cage. In an hour, he taught them how to be friends. In another hour, he taught them to be friends with a rabbit. In the course of two days, he was able to add a fox, a goose, a monkey, a squirrel
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Unformatted text preview: and some doves. They lived together in peace; even affectionately. Now, I would love to see Michael Moore experiment and see how a group of left-sided, die-hard liberals, a group of Independents, and a group of right-sided, die-hard Conservatives would interact with each other for 2 days in a cage. Like Twains experiment with the men from different religious backgrounds, there would be nothing but “chaos of gory odds and ends of turbans and fezzes and plaids and bones and flesh – not a specimen left alive.” Twain concluded saying, “the infliction upon man of the Moral Sense; the ability to distinguish good from evil; and with it, necessarily, the ability to do evil; for there can be no evil act without the presence of consciousness of it in the doer of it.”...
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Lowest Animal - and some doves They lived together in peace...

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