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Journal.1_EFN - Later in the chapter Dr Koppelman discusses...

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Matt Landi EFN 205026 Journal Entry #1 Dr. Koppelman’s view of real, text book altruism is something that I disagree with. He states, in his illustration, that if one was truly altruistic, one would give their neighbor with no coats both coats that one owned. That is not being altruistic, that’s being impractical. Your neighbor will not need both coats. How many people do you see walking around with two coats on? My view of altruism would be, as Dr. Koppelman also states later, to give my neighbor the best coat I have. However, it is harder to be selfless when one has others to worry about and care for, i.e. a family.
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Unformatted text preview: Later in the chapter, Dr. Koppelman discusses helping those who are impoverished. He states that we should give to them freely and blind to what happens with what we give them. I completely disagree. We cannot give indigent people money just so that they can go buy another bottle of alcohol, or on something that merely perpetuates their circumstance. That is not the point of social welfare. The point of social welfare is giving to those same, indigent people so that they may break free of their socio-economic status and make a better life for themselves....
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