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Chapter_12 - LSB 3213 T Urich th 10 Edition Chapter 12...

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LSB 3213 – T. Urich 10 th Edition Chapter 12 - Consideration There is only one issue in this entire chapter: Is there consideration? I. Definition of Consideration: Hamer v. Sidway (1891) A. Value -- legally sufficient (legal detriment) B. Bargained-for-exchange II. Issues Involving Consideration A. Adequacy of Consideration Seaview Orthopaedics v. NHR, Inc. (2004) B. Preexisting Duty 1. Statutory Duty 2. Contractual Duty 3. Exceptions a. Unforeseen Difficulties b. Rescission and New Contract c. Sale of Goods -- Modification C. Past Considerations Blackmon v. Iverson (2003) III. Problem Areas Concerning Consideration A. Uncertain Performance 1. Illusory Promise B. Settlement of Claims 1. Accord and Satisfaction or Release a. Liquidated debts cannot be discharged b. Unliquidated debts can be discharged 2. Release 3. Covenant not to sue IV. Promises Enforceable without Consideration A. Promises to pay debts barred by statute of limitations B. Promissory Estoppel (Detrimental Reliance) C. Charitable Subscriptions
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LSB 3213 – T. Urich 10 th Edition
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