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9/4/07 Minstril Show First distinct form of American popular music George Washington Dickson, first white performer to establish a reputation as a “blackface” entertainer Thomas Dartmouth Rice- Invented Jim Crow. Imitated African American dance, “cake walk” Jim Crow- Blackface minstrel character invented by Rice based upon hybrid Tin pan Alley Rag time music Most important name Scott Joplin 9/11/07 Popular dancing giving black people even worse name Castle House Rag Styles: Hot style- dancing, up tempo. Latin bands- latin polyrhythm, sung in Spanish Sweet style- down tempo, romantic dancing 1917- Original Dixie Land Jazz Band Most commercially successful band of 1920s, Paul whiteman 9/18/07 Performing arts 315 Tin Pan Alley - Tin pan alley is dominant popular music style in the 20s and 30s - Working in area of warm new york, would open windows to get breeze, walking down the street and sounded like tapping on tin pans - Mainly jewish immigrants - Did not usually deal with racisum or unemployment - Lyrics about privacy, consumption, romance = escapist themes - Almost always first person o Written with everyday language/slang o More intimate style relatied to microphone use - tapped into aspiration of ethically expanding middle class - jewish immigrants played a central role in music business Irving Berlin - Quality and quantity of songs - Used in movies and very popular - Appeared in stage shows and broadway: made annie get your gun, anything you can do I can do better, theres no business like show business
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- Hits, white Christmas - Began career as song plugger - First big hit Alexander ragtag band in 1911 Cole Porter - Well educated, grew up in wealthy family - Known for witty lyrics, word play and subtle sexual innuendo - Some songs show latin influence like “begin the beguine” - Style: just one of those things and lets do it George Gershwin - Died at age 37 - One of the most widely known American composers - Bridged gap between pop and classical music (ex. Summertime) - Achieved success as concert composer and TPA composer - Most ambitious work is the opera “porgy and Bess”
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Notes - 9/4/07 Minstril Show First distinct form of...

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