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Sarah Perkins ENGRC 335: Log 1b: object worlds 1. The underlying form is the underlying properties of an object and how they relate. The physics and math of how it works relates to its object world. Galileo’s cantilever beam diagram attempts to show the beam in ‘object world’ terms. Instead of seeing just the wall and beam, he saw it as a lever. His diagram was meant to show the underlying form of the cantilever beam: the lever. 2. The beer can shim shows the two ways of interacting with a motorcycle through Pirsig’s and John’s differing views. Prisig saw the can in an intellectual way, where only the properties of the can that made it the perfect fix mattered. He looked at the can in terms of its underlying form. The material properties of the can made it the perfect instrument to fix the handlebars. While John was looking at the beer cans immediate
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Unformatted text preview: appearance and what the shim was: a beer can. 3. Scientific principle and underlying form determine the savant’s perspective on the design process. The sciences are seen as the source of design. The who and what determine the utilitarian’s perspective on the design process. Under their perspective it is the consumer that drives design. The savant and utilitarian perspective are the same since they distance themselves from the events they explain. The object is the center of each perspective. 4. The process of “muddling through” and “hassling about” are important to the design process as shown through Bucciarelli’s observations of Soloray. For example even the small talk about Saudi weather helped the designers consider the sandy windy weather that might affect the photovoltaic cells designed by Solaray....
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