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History of the Jews Matthew Zabinsky Genocide Video Paper 4/24/07 World at War: Genocide An Ashkenazi Jew of Polish, Ukrainian and Byelorussian extract, I have watched dozens of documentaries about the Holocaust. Before viewing Genocide , I felt I had accumulated a considerable amount of knowledge concerning the horrors perpetrated by the Nazi regime and its Schutzstaffel military organization. Yet every new image of their godless brutality stirs up all-too-familiar emotions: sadness, frustration, and anger. “I’m not your friend. You’re a Jew, I don’t know you.” Anti-Semitism had developed into an accepted part of Germanic culture centuries before the rise of Hitler, but the complete disownment of Jews by their Gentile counterparts in 1930s Germany is still a particularly disturbing occurrence. This nationwide escalation of hostility almost certainly resulted from the darkly brilliant efforts of Paul Joseph Goebbels and his Nazi propaganda machine. Through films, posters and educational programs (German youths were encouraged to celebrate their Aryan strength and unity), Minister Goebbels burned terrible images into the minds of his German subjects: Jews were dirty, cheap, selfish, ugly, and solely responsible for Germany’s economic depression . This policy of full- scale indoctrination, along with Gestapo terrorization, compelled many of our otherwise innocent neighbors to extricate themselves from any connections with Das Juden . Abandoned at our time of greatest need, we were eventually rounded up and marched off
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JewishHistoryGenocideVideoPaper - History of the Jews...

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