hst 320 quiz 5 - Jeff Murzynski A35387571 Quiz #5 Both...

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Jeff Murzynski A35387571 Quiz #5 Both Henry Ford and William Durant were accomplished automakers. They both shared success and failures in the auto industry. They were innovators and led major automotive companies in the infancy of the automotive industry. Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863, two years after William Durant who was born in 1861. Ford was born into a middle-class immigrant family in Dearborn, Michigan. He disliked manual labor, which led him to leave the family farm and started using his intelligence to make a living, by becoming an engineer. Ford was intrigued with the gasoline engine when he saw it in Chicago in the early 1890’s. On June 4, 1896, Ford drove the first Quadra-cycle in Detroit. He tried to start two automotive companies, but none of them succeeded. It might have been his desire to tinker with the cars, instead of mass producing them and trying to make a profit that led to his early downfalls. Hoping the third times the charm, in 1903, Henry Ford started his own company called
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hst 320 quiz 5 - Jeff Murzynski A35387571 Quiz #5 Both...

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