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Sarah Perkins Log 2b: Fieldwork by Bucciarelli and Zuboff 1. Sergio’s disaster meeting shows how there is no science that can manage the design process. He tried to use the Pugh method in order to cut down the number of design options to consider, but the meeting ended with more questions, and nothing truly accomplished. Although the idea behind the Pugh method may be a good one, design cannot be controlled by a method. Although Sergio may have thought the meeting was a disaster, the discussions illustrated how design is a social activity. 2. “The Case of Tiger Creek Mill” illustrates the Creativity and Constraint model from Eisenberg et. Al. When operating training halted only after the first level of training had been completed, the Operators were left to themselves to determine how to use the system more creatively. They had a basic knowledge of the system, but they were not
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Unformatted text preview: trained enough to use the system to impact business. [If they had a little more constraint/training, the operators would have been more effective.] It also illustrates the different cultures and how they interact. The managers dropped the ball and left the operators with little training. Their little training was not enough for the operators to know how to use the ETS to impact business. But, some operators went on to learn more about the system anyway. They found the ETS allowed them to enhance their authority. Before they took strides to learn about ETS no one in management would listen to their ideas on how to improve production. But the ETS gave the operators the terms and language that would make the managers trust them. Through the ETS, operators found a way to cross the culture communication boundaries....
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