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hst 320 paper 3 - Jeff Murzynski A35387571 WWII at the Home...

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Jeff Murzynski A35387571 WWII at the Home Front World War II affected people from all across the globe. From Europe to Asia and here in the United States, people sent their sons off to battle and supported the war at home. I interview my grandfather, Eugene Murzynski, about his experiences during this period of time. I called him up the afternoon of June 27, 2007, and talked to him for about an hour. This man can tell a story and does he have a lot of them. The first question I asked him was how old he was when the war started and where was he living at the time. He replied, “I was 12 years old when the war began.” “My mother, father, me and Harry lived in a little house in Toledo, Ohio. It was off of Stickney, in the old Polish neighborhood. I lived there my whole childhood. I went to school down the road, which I could walk to. My buddies and I would play ball all day long and come home to eat and then go out again and play some more.” I asked him next, “Where were you when you heard that Pearl Harbor was bombed?” My grandfather answered, “Well I was playing in the neighborhood during the morning, I remember it was unseasonably warm, and when I went home I saw the rest of my family sitting around the radio. That’s when my mother told me about the bombing of Pearl Harbor; its one of those events that you don’t forget about. I remember how upset my parents and brother were, they had these frighten but angry faces on. It was all I could think about that night, but I was able to put it to the back of my head and
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then was playing in the street again the next day. When it first happened, the war seemed so distant, and not a real threat to us.
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