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Log1c - Sarah Perkins Log 1c communication within and...

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Sarah Perkins Log 1c: communication within and between object worlds 1. Beth’s object world includes mechanisms such as the photovoltaic cell as well as the math and science behind the mechanisms. The hardware at the photovoltaic cells core is one portion of her object world, including the battery, the panel, and the sun. The mathematical relationships and her general knowledge including all of her notes and graphs make up a separate equally important part of her object world. Audience determines how she would present her knowledge of the object world. With a colleague working side-by-side on the project her normal language and notes should be generally acceptable to convey her ideas, but she must change her presentation for her bosses and clients. The metaphor in her object world helps to create meaning behind her work. Her whole object world is centered on the flow of energy and the conservation of energy. 2.
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