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Cell membrane - • 5-10 um in size • Spherical...

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1) Cell membrane a) Regulate the flow of nutrients and wastes that enter and leave the cel. . b) Contains DNA as its genetic material c) Several varieties of RNA molecules d) Proteins i) Enzymes e) Are composed of the same basic chemicals f) Reproduce and are the result of reproduction g) Require a supple of energy 2) Diversity of molecules a) Cell structure: prokaryotic vs eukaryotic 1) Prokaryotes = no nucleus no RNA processing 2) Eukaryotes = nucleus and RNA processing 3) Organelles are in eukaryotes but not in prokaryotes 4) Cell well as there in prokaryotes but not in eukaryotes Cell size 1) Cells are very small 2) Small to large as follows 3) Viruses you need electron microscope 4) Bacteria 5) Yeast 6) Animal cells 7) Multi-cellular organism you can see with naked eye
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Yeast Eukaryotic unicellular organism
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Unformatted text preview: • 5-10 um in size • Spherical cylindrical or oval in shape • Most common y east used in industry is saccharomyces cerevisiae o Under aerobic conditions used as a bakers`yeast o Under anaerobic conditions used for alcohol production Protozoa • Unicellular motile relative large 1-50um eukaryotes that: o Lack cell wall • They cause a number of human diseases eg malaria • But many of them have beneficial roles eg digestion • Removing bacteria from waste water What are viruses?? • Nucleic acid genome: o Dna and rna • Protein coat o Protection, entry into the cell o LIPID ENVELOPE IN SOME VIRUSES o SMALL o 10-400nm o Obligate intracellular parasites o Not considered as life •...
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Cell membrane - • 5-10 um in size • Spherical...

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