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quinlan_exam review - 1) Darwin had inititally expected the...

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1) Darwin had inititally expected the living plants of temperae south America to resemble those of temperate Europe, but he was surprise to find that they more closely resembled the plants of tropical south America. The biological explanantion for this observation is most properly associated with the field of a) Biogeography (correct) 2) During drought years on the Galapagos, small, easily eaten seeds become rare leaving only large, hard-cased seekds that only birds with large beaks can eat. If a drought persists for several yeas, then what should one expect to result from natural selection. a) D 3) Over evolutionary time, many cave dwelling organisms have lost their eyes. Tapeworms have lost their digestive systems. Whales have lost their hind limbs. H ow can natural selection account for these losses? a) B (C) – Under particular circumstances that persisted for long periods, each of these structures presented greater costs than benefits. 4) Ichythysosaurs were aquatic dinosaurs. Fossils show us that they had dorsal fins and tails just as fish do, even though their closest relatives were terrestrial reptiles that had neither dorsal fins nor aquatic tails. The dorsal fins and tails of ichthyosaurs and fish are. a) A - not homologous because common ancestor didn’t have fins or tails.( D) – examples of convergent evolution and adaptations to a common environment. 5) I a large population of lab animals, 36% of the animals display a recessive
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quinlan_exam review - 1) Darwin had inititally expected the...

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