jan20, 2008 - ecology and evolution

jan20, 2008 - ecology and evolution - Ecology and evolution...

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Ecology and evolution 1) Evolution – natural selection, evolutionary processes, speciation 2) Ecology – organismal to global ecology, biodiversity and conservation biology 3) Darwins idea a) Summarized as life changes over time. b) Heritable traits increase survival reproduction become more common between subswequent generations. c) Main idea is that natural selection is main force, that cause is the evolution. d) Explains how a new species form or how a species goes extinct e) Natural selection explains how organism can evolve very elaborate traits: survival (camouflage) and reproduction (mating). f) Why was Darwin’s idea so revolutionary? Why was Darwin the guy who was best known? 4) An unchanging world a) Scale natura: lasted for many 100’s years and repeated any further developments on how life was organized b) Humans at the top, just below the Gods c) Rocks, plants, lower animals, higher animals, humans, god, and great chain of being. This is in order of increasing perfection. 5) Natural theology and taxonomy a) If we perceive the world to be imperfect it is because of our own senses. This is Aristotle views. b) If we look at Old Testament. The creators plan could be better understood by studying nature
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c) Linnaeus: bionomeal nomenclature. His system was the hierarchy of nature classification structure. d) Natural theology was the study of living organisms for the better understanding of god. Major objective was to classify different species to figure out gods plan. e)
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jan20, 2008 - ecology and evolution - Ecology and evolution...

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