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Hog Islanders – This were vessals that where built during the first world war that were expesive,  they were oil fired and built out off a standard design. They were very study vessals that we used  well after the war was over. Many were painted with “dazzle paint” and were built at Hog Island,  Rhode Island hence the name. Balanced Fleet concept – basically the current battle group set up: Battleships, Cruisers,  Destroyers Aircraft carrier and subs and this was the getting away from the battleship idea (Manhanin idea) Ironbottom Sound – Night battles off Guadalcanal, body where night naval battles took place, and 
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Unformatted text preview: the bottom is covered with sunk ships “Back to the abyss” 1920’s – 1930s - Dangerous 1921 Strike that cause drop in wages, was the start of 3 – watch system, no overtime, food was provided, “workaways” which were homeless guys hired that would just work for little money, and food and a place to sleep Bloody Thursday – is tied to the 1934 strike tied to the dockworkers and Mariners strike and dealt with the race card where the white crews would stop working so u hire a black crew. Also, that fought the cops and the California National guard was called in “Day of Infamy” speech -...
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