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Merchant Marine – used for passger cargo Role of MM – Transportation of: Raw Materials, Finshed good, passengers Seaborne Trade is increasing expontially; has increased 225% in last 30 years Dry Cargo – 3* in last 30 years Oil – increased in trade last 30 years by 50% Dry Bulk Shipping Dry bulk shipping is vital to world trade and industy 95% of thing go to sea Ie: fertilizaers, salt cement fish etc. Bulk Carriers 2006 US Port Cargo Statistics 8 million work I nindusty 26.8 billiopn spend in mmi 5 baisc modes of transport
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Unformatted text preview: Railroad this usally the slowest Trucking much faster mode and usally caries more high valve manufactured matrials Pipeline mostly used to carry petroleum products Air this is the fastest mode, but it is obviously the most expensive to use. Usally small lots of high value cargo Water this mode is the cheapest, especially over long distances. Slow in comparison with air or trucking Ton mile= cost to move 1 ton 1 mile Liner vessel ship that has regular schudele and mainly packaged Bulk vessel = carry like grain...
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