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Unformatted text preview: Hum 120 Shakespeare Study Guide Spring 2008 Format of the first exam : possible types of questions: matching, ID’s, fill in blanks, quotation ID’s, short answers, essays. To get full credit, especially on the essays, you will need to show detailed knowledge of Shakespeare and Baroque art. This guide provides the names and terms from Shakespeare that you should be able to identify or supply on the exam. It also relates a number of important ideas that you should think about as they may come up in essay or other questions. The Tempest , 1611, one of Sh.’s last plays (possibly his last) Several Important Themes Two Worlds: 1) island: magical, otherwordly; 2) real world: politics, social hierarchies, arranged marriages, intrigue, treachery Problem of Evil: defined in part as the control over others (for example, by controlling their minds but recall also Caliban’s more literal attempted rape) Nature vs. Nurture: especially as a way to account for evil in the world and in us as individualsNature vs....
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