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Shakespeare -observation on human nature -universal feel in plays; transcends time The Tempest (1611) Background -comedic tragedy -idea of two worlds -island = full of magic -real world = political world -political times of England -King James I -coming into own; beginning conquest of the new world -evil -> controlling others; Shakespeare opinion -Prospero vs. Caliban -Prospero conquering Caliban (natural inhabitant of the island) -Reformation- split in Catholic Church -Protestants- original sin -Shakespeare recognizes nobility, god-like qualities in humanity but also the dark side of humanity
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Unformatted text preview: Act One-Prospero – former Duke of Milan-brother to Antonio-immersed in study-Antonio usurps Prospero as Duke of Milan-kicks out Prospero with the help of Alonzo-Gonzalo helps Antonio and daughter survive-Prospero and Miranda meet Ariel (spirit) on island-Prospero frees Ariel and becomes its master-Caliban- not really human (mother, Sycorax, witch & dad was deamon) Gonzalo- noble savage view with no idea of hierarchy and land division...
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