Walking With Dinosaurs Test

Walking With Dinosaurs Test - Some of the marine reptiles...

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Some of the marine reptiles in episode three, the cruel sea, are known to have given live birth rather than being egg layers: TRUE According to the cruel sea episode, some dinosaurs were capable of swimming to nearby islands: TRUE In episode two, time of the titans, the small pterosaur Anurognathus lived: on the backs of Diplodocus In episode two, time of the titans, Diplodocus exhibited what type of ornamentation: small dorsal fins along the midline of the back Most of the behavior of Leaellynasaura in spirits of the ice forest is conjectural and not based on fossil evidence: TRUE In the fourth episode Beneath a Giants Wing begins in Brazil revealing a mating colony of: Tapejara Koolasuchus became extinct on other continents before it did in Antarctica: TRUE In the final episode, death of a dynasty, the landscape had been partially poisoned by a surge in volcanic activity: TRUE The largest marine reptile depicted in episode three, the cruel sea, is : Liopleurodon During the Cretaceous, the Atlantic was wider than today: FALSE IN episode 2, the small sauropods living in the forest were hunted by a 6 to 7 foot carnivore called- ornitholestes IN episode 2, this meat eater was the top predator of its day : Allosaurus According to episode 2, small juvenile Diplodocus lived in this type of environment until large enough to fend off most predators: forests IN episode 1, this was the largest predator at the time, having evolved before the dinosaurs: Postosuchus IN the fourth episode, the breeding grounds of Ornithocheirus were in : Europe These armored dinos were depicted grazing and traveling with Iguanodons: Polacanthus Which of the following were prey for the large Mesozoic marine reptiles of the cruel sea? : All of the above nigga face IN the 4 th episode, birds were shown to have existed side by side with pterosaurs: True
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Even the largest marine reptiles depicted in the cruel sea could waddle onto land to rest without fear of suffocating beause of the pressure of their weight on their lungs: False Did allosaurus spend the winters in Antarctica? NOPEEEEEE What plant group was not in Episode One? FLOWERING PLANTS The first simple flowers arose during this period: CRETACEOUS Thousands of these icthyosaurs traveled to shallow tropical waters seen in “the Cruel sea” to give birth: OPHTHALMOSAURUS In Episode two, diplodocus lays eggs in a trench in the: FOREST The pterosaur is depicted in Episode Three as small animals catching fish by skimming the water: RHAMPHORHYNCHUS In episode two, this dinosaur had a long whip-like tail capable of cracking like a bull-whip to scare predators: DIPLODOCUS This small, active carnivore with long, grasping hands and a small head with conical teeth preyed upon the young juvenile Diplodocus in Time of the Titans: ORNITHOLESTES The Muttaburrasaurus in “Spirits of the ice Forests” were capable of producing calls with their noses: TRUE The bones of pterosaurs are hollow: TRUE During the final period of the Mesozoic, the Cretaceous, the Atlantic was twice as wide as it is
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Walking With Dinosaurs Test - Some of the marine reptiles...

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