Paper on Intergrating Public Schools in CT

Paper on Intergrating Public Schools in CT - "Failure in...

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“Failure in the Sending Students Over District Borders” Pascal Rahardjo 12/03/07 Social Psychology
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In 1993 Connecticut became the first school in the United States to board on a voluntary route to integrate its schools across town lines. This idea projected opening up a sum of five new magnet schools for the state which had approximately 508,000 public school students. At the time a direct exchange of students between school districts was proposed by only one district, Hartford, where they attempted to unite the capital cities schools (92 percent of whose student’s minority members) with suburban ones. It is now year 2007 and integrating schools in Connecticut has failed miserably. I attended Simsbury High School from 2002-2006 and I witnessed the failure myself. Though the state of Connecticut may have had good intentions their results were very short of their goal. Out of the several hundred students in at Simsbury High School at the most maybe twenty of the students were from Hartford. The problem was already in the number of students from Hartford that were arriving to school everyday. Due to the ethnic ratio the Hartford students had no choice but to stick together creating group cohesiveness. Everyone knew which was the bus was carrying the Hartford kids on them because the bus had tinted windows. Just from the site of it stereotypes were created. Don’t get me wrong, we all got along. There was never any violence or racial slang used amongst each other. We all took classes together, attended dances together and athletic events. But at lunch the kids from Hartford ate at one table and
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Paper on Intergrating Public Schools in CT - "Failure in...

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