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Assignment #1 Jamaica Kincaid

Assignment #1 Jamaica Kincaid - Kosta Leontarakis ENWR 106...

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Kosta Leontarakis ENWR 106 College Writing II: Writing and Literary Study Prof. L. DiFabio 1/23/08 Submitted 1/25/08 Response to Girl by Jamaica Kincaid Can you recall a time in your life when a family member tried to give you valuable advice? Now can you remember if you actually listened? I have read this poem before and I enjoy it very much. It seems that there are two players in this poem: a mother, and a daughter. Naturally, the mother is giving her daughter important life lessons about how to act and some rules to live by. I can picture this scene now, a mother in a reprimanding voice barking out what seems to be orders to her daughter. The daughter realizes that what her mother is telling her is important, however, she just doesn’t want to listen. She is just sitting on the ground, perhaps picking up rocks or playing with the grass. I can think of several instances in my life where a family member was trying to get an important message across to me but I just sat there in a stupor, hearing but not listening.
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