Interpretation - For Alder What do you think the two men...

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Writing the Essay: Science 11:00 – 12:15 September 18, 2005 Interpretation Interpretation is how one would view something. A person’s personal point of view is what it means to interpret something. When a person tries to communicate to another person what he or she thinks about a particular subject, the person is telling the other person his or her interpretation of the subject. Having a perspective of something and trying to tell someone about that perspective involves showing him or her one’s own interpretation of the subject. An interpretation to me means what someone is trying to tell me. Whether it be through art, music, or a story, an interpretation is when someone tries to tell me their feelings or thoughts. Everyone’s interpretation of a particular subject is usually different than another person’s. I may think that the Writing the Essay Science course is to learn how to write science essays but another person may think that the course is for understanding science better. Alder’s “Prologue” and Barthe’s “Toys”
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Unformatted text preview: For Alder: What do you think the two men, Delambre and Méchain would think of your essay on their errors? Even with this marginal error, would even hurt that the meter isn’t exactly one ten millionth of the length of the North Pole to the equator and accept this small error? For Barthe: Isn’t it good that toys are used as a tool to “condition” a child? What about these toys affect the future of the world and the children who play with it? I think that Alder would see the stegosaurus as an animal with a mutant degeneration. He would think that the plates of the stegosaurus were useless and that they weren’t necessary. I think that Barthe would also see it that view. The stegosaurus was a degenerate form of another dinosaur and that it shouldn’t have existed. I think that the authors would think this way because I think that they both look into the errors of their subjects and try to pick at it and see how it is not right....
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Interpretation - For Alder What do you think the two men...

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