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Writing the Essay: Science Section 34 11:00-12:15 September 20, 2005 Homework Exercise 1.4 After reading John Henry Newman’s “Knowledge Viewed in Relation to Professional Skill” and Oliver Sacks “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” I learned some new things about observing ourselves and the world around us. Not everyone around us see things the way we do. Some people may mistake a stegosaurus for a tyrannosaurus rex. Others may even mistake their wife for a hat as Dr. P did in the short story by Sacks. I also learned that observing is not based on fact and experimenting alone, but also through experience. One must have been taught through many years of observing on how to truly observe the world around us. The way that I look at my object, the stegosaurus, now, is different than the way that I saw it before.
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Unformatted text preview: When I now think of the stegosaurus, I think about how others perceive it too, not just the way I used to look at it. Was the first thing they noticed were the plates too? Did they notice the size of the skull? Did they see how it must have been for the stegosaurus to move back and forth with such a stout body shape? Thinking about how others saw the skeleton helps me learn more about how I saw it. Before, I would have just tried to see the dinosaur in my own way. I wouldnt have thought about what others thought about it but would just see what I see and not ask questions. Now, I may be prone to ask more questions about seeing something and asking someone what he or she sees in the object....
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