Lab 5 - Lab #5 Lab Performed: October 9th, 2007 Lab Due:...

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Lab #5 Lab Performed: October 9 th , 2007 Lab Due: October 16 th , 2007 Section 13 Objective: The objective of this lab is to investigate the validity of the work-energy relationship where W=Δ KE. Theory: With a point mass m acted upon by a net force F=F(r). The position, velocity and acceleration of the mass are given by r , v and a and the time by t. It can be integrated from the initial position to final position with the equation: The left side of the equation is the work over the initial to the final position. The right side is simplified to become: (1/2)mv 2 is defined as the kinetic energy or KE. That means this equation gives the net work done from the difference between the final kinetic energy compared to the final kinetic energy. Section 3) Since motion in this experiment is one-dimensional and vector notation is unnecessary, calculating the integral of the Force Vs. Position curve will give the total work done within that period. Section 4) The hanging mass is M 1 and the glider mass is M 2 and T being tension in the string, Newton’s 2 nd law can be redefined as T=(M 1 M 2 g/M 1 +M 2 ). The work done on M 1 is (M 1 g- T)(x f -x i ) where T is negative becauseM
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Lab 5 - Lab #5 Lab Performed: October 9th, 2007 Lab Due:...

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