Lab 4 - Lab #4- Newton's 2nd Law Objective: By doing...

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Lab #4- Newton’s 2 nd Law Objective: By doing several different experiments, it is possible to observe Newton’s 2 nd Law of motion throughout the lab. Description: This lab has three different parts to it: Part 3) By using a force sensor and a motion sensor, we able to measure the mass and force of an object moving in a vertical motion relative to the ground with the force sensor, while the motion sensor is used to measure the position, velocity, and acceleration of the motion of the object. The figure below shows the model used for this section. Part 4) In this section, there is a vertical hanging mass on a string that is connected to a glider on the horizontal air track. The system is kept in a near frictionless environment by a pulley, which also acts as the sensor for this experiment. As the glider is released from the air track, the smart pulley records the motion of the mass as it falls down towards the ground. Part 5) In the final section of this lab, a picket fence and a digital photogate sensor are used to measure the acceleration of gravity, g along with position and velocity of the picket fence as it falls through the photogate sensor. Theory:
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Lab 4 - Lab #4- Newton's 2nd Law Objective: By doing...

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