Assignment #10 Trippeta

Assignment #10 Trippeta - is due to the fact that she...

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Kosta Leontarakis ENWR 106 College Writing II: Writing and Literary Study Prof. L. DiFabio 2/11/08 Submitted 2/19/08 Trippetta Question: Do you think Trippetta was involved in the plot? I believe the fate of the King and his childish friends was something that they had coming to them. I personally do not feel that Trippetta had anything to do with the plotting of setting the King and his men on fire. The only way Trippetta was involved in any of this
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Unformatted text preview: is due to the fact that she intervened on HopFrogs behalf. The King was forcing HopFrog to drink wine (which he despises) and Trippetta tried to reason with the King. The King became angered and knocked Trippetta over and threw wine in her face. HopFrog became very mad and thus made the sinister plot to set The King and his men on fire....
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