Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Neurotransmitter Systems Studying NT...

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Chapter 6 – Neurotransmitter Systems Studying NT Systems Localization of Transmitters and Transmitter-Synthesizing Enzymes o Immunocytochemistry Used to anatomically localize particular molecules to particular cells Purified NT is injected into bloodstream of animal where it stimulates immune response Best antibodies for immunicytochemistry bind very tightly to the transmitter of interest and bind very little or not at all to other chemicals in the brain o Antibody molecules recovered from blood sample and chemically tagged with colorful marker that can be seen through microscope Labeled antibodies applied to a section of brain tissue and will color just the cells that contain the transmitter candidate This shows whether a candidate and its synthesizing enzyme are contained in the same neuron or even same axon terminal o In situ hybridization If sequence of nucleic acids in a strand of mRNA is known, it is possible to construct in the lab a complementary strand that will stick to the mRNA molecule Complementary strain is called a probe and process by which the probe bonds to the mRNA molecule is called hybridization Chemically label the probe and apply to brain tissue and wash then search for neurons that contain probe/label For in situ hybridization, probes usually radioactively labeled o Viewing distribution of radioactivity is called autoradiography Studying Transmitter Release o To stimulate a region of brain and collecting and measuring all the chemicals that are released is to bathe slices in solution containing high
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Neurotransmitter Systems Studying NT...

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