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Exercise 1.6 - Dear Olivia

Exercise 1.6 - Dear Olivia - Writing the Essay Science...

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Writing the Essay: Science September 27, 2005 11:00-12:15 Exercise 1.6 Dear Olivia, How are you? It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other and I can’t wait until you come to New York to visit in October. There are so many things that I want to take you to see. The city is wonderful and I’m loving the college experience. It’s great that I’m living in Manhattan; it’s like a dream come true. There are so many museums and places to check out. I know a person like you would appreciate it. It’s really different than back home where all we had was the Denver Art Museum and there was nothing there. Remember that one time we went there and left after about an hour? The museums here are so different. They actually are worth the fifteen bucks and I know that if you were here, we would spend countless hours seeing them together. Actually, back when school first started, I ventured to New York’s American Museum of Natural History near Central Park. The place was magnificent. It’s the famous museum that we see on TV and read about in the magazines. This was finally it and I was actually in it. There were all sorts of exhibits inside the museum, but one thing in particular caught my eye. It was the stegosaurus ! The thing looked just as cool as it looked back when we were like five years old and at the museum with our parents. You may think that I sound like a little five year old right now, but that’s okay, because I felt a like I was five years old. It was nostalgic to see the dinosaur again. The feeling of exuberance and liveliness was the same as when I first saw it many years ago. The stature and shape of
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the stegosaurus would make it seem small on TV, but in real life, the thing was huge. It
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