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Writing the Essay: Science December 19, 2005 11:00-12:15 Revised Draft Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder I bet no one saw it. I bet no one saw the hearts and the flowers floating around Amelie Poulain. Even if this was my fourteenth time seeing the movie and only their first time, I know they couldn’t have missed it. They couldn’t have missed the exuberant yellow flowers circling the head of Amelie as she walked forward on her path to happiness. They couldn’t have missed the vibrant red colors of the hearts jumping out of her bed as she and her newfound love interest were lying in bed. The flowers and hearts may have just been a figment of my imagination, but they were so real. I swore everyone else saw the same thing that I did, but in reality I know they didn’t. My mind couldn’t have been playing tricks on me. Without the daisies, the scene wouldn’t have been as perfect as it is and the hearts put a cherry topping to the love story in progress. My friends won’t believe me. I know they won’t because I know they aren’t going see it, even if we put the DVD back in and went to the scene where I saw the flowers. To any other person, they would have been made up, but to me, they were just as essential to the movie as the brittle old man across the street who spent all the days of his life painting the Renoir replicas was. It was just another prop of the movie, even if the director never intended it to be that way. In my perspective, I was the director, and in my version, there were flowers rotating around Amelie and there were hearts sneaking out
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from under the covers as the two lovebirds laid there, intertwined. They would be another part of the movie, just like the old man. These extra, imaginary things that I saw were just another part life that makes every person’s interpretation of something unique. Everybody spots objects in the real world that only they see that enhances the meaning of life for them. This extra added spice helps give us a flavor to the blandness of our daily lives. The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” means that a picture helps clarify meaning to something. It helps the observer see something that couldn’t be described with words. Having these little pictures of our own help us see something better. The little pictures often provide a hidden meaning to the big picture that only we see and no one else. We, as a society, forget about these hidden meanings in our fast- paced lives. We stop for a second, and go without ever looking back. There isn’t any time for us to look at something and think about it for a little bit and then try to see the picture with our own interpretations. We just see the picture, take it for what it’s worth without ever finding something special that’ll stay in our hearts and we never think about it again. Seeing a picture with our own interpretations shows the true beauty of a piece of work.
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Essay 1 - Writing the Essay: Science December 19, 2005...

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