Mass by vic Muniz

Mass by vic Muniz - looks at the whole picture and not from a very close up perspective a picture made out of chocolate could be seen It was

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Writing The Essay: Science Mass by Vic Muniz When I first saw it, I didn’t know what it was. I thought that it was just another abstract picture that one would see at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Another picture that you had to think really hard about and imagine for yourself what the picture was intended to be. I looked at the name of it. Mass (Pictures of Chocolate) by Vic Muniz. I only thought that it was a lot of chocolate put onto a piece of paper and that it was just a big splash of nonsense. But then I looked scooted back a little bit and saw what it really was. There were visible faces in the picture. As I slowly started to realize that this was a picture of a mass of people, I saw more and more faces appearing. Then I saw some other body parts of the people in the mass. Once I finally understood that the chocolate all made a picture, a concrete picture, I began to see the magnificence of the piece. If one
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Unformatted text preview: looks at the whole picture and not from a very close up perspective, a picture made out of chocolate could be seen. It was amazing to see such an advanced technique of art used by using chocolate as the medium. There must have been some research done by the artist, Vic Muniz, to make sure the chocolate would hold up and stay in its place and not melt by heat. Using special chemicals, Muniz probably mixed it with the chocolate he used so that he could manipulate the chocolate just the way he wanted it to for him to make the picture. This picture, Mass, by Muniz was a piece of art that blew my mind away once I was able to decipher what it was really was and it puzzles me as to how he was able to do something like that using just chocolate as his medium....
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