Lab 12 - Lab Performed: December 4th, 2007 Lab Due:...

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Lab Performed: December 4 th , 2007 Lab Due: December 11 th , 2007 Lab 12 Section 13 Objective: The objective of this lab is to investigate standing sound waves in a sound tube. The sound waves will be recorded by a microphone in a resonance tube along with reflected pulses to record the speed of sound. Description: We will be playing sounds through a resonating tube and record the sounds through a microphone that is inserted into the resonance tube. Theory: Air is made up of 80% N 2 and 20% O 2 gases and gases in a cylinder act like a spring and its mass can support oscillations and waves. When the cone of a loud speaker moves out, it compresses the air next to it and also imparts an outward velocity to the air molecules. Those air molecules nearest the speaker collide with adjacent air molecules and impart to those molecules their motion. Sound is produced as compression propagates away from the speaker. If the speaker cone is vibrated sinusoidally, a propagating sinusoidal sound wave or a traveling wave moves out from the speaker. which is v f = λ (where is the wavelength, f is the frequency, and v is the wave speed), is satisfied by this wave. As motion moves along the direction in which the wave propagates, the waves are called longitudinal waves. In the traveling sound waves, the displacement of the air particles satisfies the wave equation. The velocity of the waves, v , is given by: ρ γ p v = ) 1 ( Where p is the air pressure and ρ is the air mass density. The quantity is the ratio of the specific heats at a constant pressure and constant volume,
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Lab 12 - Lab Performed: December 4th, 2007 Lab Due:...

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