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Conversations of the West: Antiquity and the Enlightenment 11:00-12:15 Isaiah God has changed significantly in Isaiah since the days of Genesis and Exodus. He has changed what he has done and even though the author of the Bible is said to be God Himself, the voice of the text has changed also. This book was written by Isaiah and that could have been a reason why the voice of writings has changed, but it may be God that changed his style of authorship in the Bible. Since Isaiah is written later than Genesis and Exodus, maybe several centuries later, it may have been the change of time that made God change. When God gets angry now, he doesn’t punish the people in ways that were miraculous as before. There are less miracles occurring. There isn’t anything as memorable as the sea of locusts or the great flood. God may have toned down his power a
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Unformatted text preview: bit because it isnt necessary anymore. He doesnt need to show the people that He is the Almighty since they now believe him. God is now trying to get his people to follow his plan in a less aggressive method. The way that God speaks in Isaiah is different too. It is more eloquent and the structure of the sentences is different too. The verses are written in a more poetic form instead of the old way in the Genesis and Exodus where it was like a novel form. The prose is also more complex and isnt as straightforward as it was. God has changed since His days in the Exodus and Genesis. Hes different now that there is a different writer for him, Isaiah not Moses....
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