Lab 4 Chromatography

Lab 4 Chromatography - Locker: D-15 October 12th, 2006...

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Locker: D-15 October 12 th , 2006 Thursday 1:30-6:00PM Lab 4 – Chromatography Purpose: The process of chromatography separates mixture by taking advantage of the differential distribution of the individual compounds between two immiscible phases. There is a mobile phase and a stationary phase in chromatography. The mobile phase is usually a liquid of a gas that flows continuously over a fixed stationary phase, usually a solid or liquid. By performing chromatography, the mixture of compounds has different affinities for the mobile and stationary phases and will bind to the stationary phase and form into separate regions called migratory bands. There are several different kinds of chromatography techniques that use different kinds of mobile and stationary phases. Gas- liquid partition chromatography uses gas-liquid phase interactions. In thin-layer, column and high-performance chromatography, there are interactions between the liquid and solid phases. In this lab, we will be performing column as well as thin layer chromatography. We will be separating a mixture of fluorene and 9-fluorenone in column chromatography and see if we have separated it right through thin-layer chromatography. Main Reaction: Rf = distance traveled by substance Distance traveled by solvent Table of Data: Procedure: 1. Obtain a 50-ml glass buret and set up the apparatus as shown on page 189. 2.
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Lab 4 Chromatography - Locker: D-15 October 12th, 2006...

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