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Andy Ahart Engl. 158.09 Anthony Reed 11/27/2007 The Steroid Revolution Steroid use in baseball has become one of the most popular, and controversial, sports stories in recent memory. The epidemic of steroids is not a new thing to baseball; steroids have been used in baseball since as early as the late 1980’s, possibly earlier. However, since many of the historic batting records have recently been broken, an uproar from fans has recently led to Congress stepping in to help out with Major League Baseball (MLB) to help crack down on users. Whether or not the introduction of steroids into sports is ethical, moral, or advantageous is a question based on an individual opinion. Perhaps the bigger question is—how can steroid use be stopped? So why is there such an uproar over steroids anyway? The reason is that steroids give a ballplayer an unfair advantage. It is like, when running a 100 meter dash, one of the competitors gets to start 10 meters in front of the field. It is not fair to the rest of players who don’t use them, and thus the big problem occurs. When some players get this advantage, others want to even out the playing field, and therefore take steroids as well, and before the world knows it, half of baseball is on steroids. Another major reason why steroids is banned is because the health risks involved in taking the drugs. They are very dangerous, causing loss of hair, lowered hormone levels, shrunken testicles, and the emotion commonly known as ‘roid rage’; meaning that the abnormal levels of testosterone cause the user to get into a fit of aggression. Overall, steroid use is a major problem for sport, and namely the game of baseball.
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Jose Canseco has helped to add fuel to the steroid fire. His tell-all book, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big, which was published in 2005, focuses primarily on not only his own steroid-usage, but of other major leaguers who were on steroids. Canseco states throughout the book that steroid use is advantageous for baseball players if used in low doses and under the supervision of a physician. He says that it helps speed the recovery process from injuries, and can actually lengthen a person’s lifespan. Canseco also brings controversy to his book by stating names in the book. He says that he personally injected Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez, and Ivan Rodriquez. Of course, Mark McGwire was one of the top, and
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FWS 6 - Andy Ahart Engl 158.09 Anthony Reed The Steroid...

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