Lab 6 - Preparing 1-Bromobutane

Lab 6 - Preparing 1-Bromobutane - November 2nd, 2006 Lab 6...

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November 2 nd , 2006 Lab 6 – Preparation of 1-Bromobutane Introduction : By converting a primary alcohol to a primary bromoalkane using hydrobromic acid in this lab, a wide variety of functionalities are possible with 1-bromobutane 1- bromobutane is specifically prepared by heating 1-butanol with hydrobromic acid in the presence of sulfuric acid. In this nucleophilic aliphatic substitution reaction, water acts as the leaving group whilst the bromide ion is the nucleophile. Through a series of extractions, distilling, and reflux, it can be determined how pure the prepared 1- bromobutane is by the silver nitrate test and the iodine test. Main Reaction: Le Chatelier principle: H-X + R-OH ↔R-X + H 2 0 Table of Data: Start time of Reflux: 2:32 P.M. End time of Reflux: 3:17 P.M. Amount of distillate collected during 60º-90º C: 4.82mL Refractionization Rate: 1.43250 Procedure: 1. Combine 11.1 g sodium bromide, 10mL H 2 0 and 10mL butanol in a 100mL round bottom flask. Mix to slush by swirling and cool in an ice bath. 2. Add 10mL of H 2 SO 4 slowly (1mL every 30 seconds) to the iced round bottom flask) 3. Reflux the mixture with boiling chips for 45 minutes. Note: Reflux begins when mixture starts to boil, not at the start of heating. 4.
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Lab 6 - Preparing 1-Bromobutane - November 2nd, 2006 Lab 6...

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