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Lab 2 Distillation

Lab 2 Distillation - Thursday 1:30-6:00 Distillation...

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September 27, 2006 Thursday, 1:30-6:00 Distillation Introduction : In this lab, we will be purifying a substance from a solution by distillation. In simple distillation, we separate a volatile substance from a nonvolatile substance. In fractional distillation, the separation involves the separation of two volatile substances. For fractional distillation the goal will be to separate 10 mL of cyclohexane from 20 mL toluene. Main Reaction/Equation: Table of Data: Simple Distillation: Initial Temperature: 18º C Temp after 10 min: 59.3º C Initial Head Temperature: 64.2º C Final Head Temperature: 66.5º C Initial: 10 mL cyclohexane Final Distilled: 8.59 mL pure cyclohexane Fractional Distillation: Total volume toluene used: 20mL Total volume cyclohexane used: 10mL Temperature A: 65.1˚ C Temperature B: 84.2˚ C Temperature C: 107.5˚ C Total A: 9.59mL Total B: 3.22mL Total C: 15.78mL Procedure: Simple Distillation: 1. Set up apparatus as shown on page 129 or as recommended by the instructor. 2. Place 10 mL of cyclohexane into the roundbottom flask to be heated. 3. Heat the round bottom flask and adjust heat until drops from the thermometer reach 2-4 drops a second.
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