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Unformatted text preview: Kosta Leontarakis December 9, 2007 Prof. Chatr-Aryamontri Mythology 1. What is the most important discrepancy between the movie and the book The Iliad? How does this affect the movie? a. "The biggest discrepancy is the absence of the gods. The underlying idea is that Homer's version used gods and goddesses to exaggerate and explain elements of the events, and perhaps as representations for other forces at play. In the movie, the gods are repeatedly mentioned, but they are not major actors in the plot as they are in the Homeric poems, in which many events are the result of divine intervention"1This affects the movie because Gods are a huge part of Greek mythology, and also a huge part of the Iliad. By lacking Gods, the movie, which is supposed to be about the war of Troy, lacks an element that creates the entire essence of Greek mythology. 2. Is The Iliad the only literary source about the war of Troy? What are the others, if they exist? a. No, The Iliad is not the only literary source about the war of Troy. Other sources include Homer's Odyssey and the Epic Cycle, which is usually classified as a non-Homeric collection of epic poems. 3. Are the beginning and the end of The Iliad the same as in the movie? Describe the 1 Troy: "Deviations from the Iliad". Wikipedia. ( differences if there are any. a. The Iliad starts with the falling out between Achilles and Agamemnon. This occurs about ten years into the conflict of the Greeks and Trojans. The movie begins in 1250 BC, with Paris convincing Helen to leave her husband Menalaus and go back with him to Troy. This leads to the clash of two nations. And Agamemnon sending a fleet of 1,000 ships to Troy. 4. In the movie, what are the exact words Hector told his soldiers in front of the walls of Troy before starting the first battle against the Greeks? a. "All my life I've lived by a code and the code is simple: honor the gods, love your woman and defend your country. Troy is mother to us all. Fight for her!"2 5. In the movie Achilles allowed his soldiers to sack Apollo's temple despite the warning of one of the comrades. What happened in The Iliad? a. In The Iliad, it was Achilles who offers to protect the prophet Calchas from Agamemnon in exchange for his advice on how to end the wrath of Apollo. He would not have shown such blatant disrespect for the gods in Greek mythology as he did in the movie because he had a special relationship with the gods. 6. In the movie Menelaus was killed by Hector. In Greek mythology he survived the war and returned to Sparta. From what literary source do we obtain this 2 "Troy" movie (2004). information? What does this source tell us about his life after the war? a. "According to the Odyssey, Menelaus' homebound fleet was blown by storms to Crete and Egypt, [1] where they were unable to sail away because the wind was calm. Menelaus had to capture Proteus, a shapeshifting sea god, until Proteus told what sacrifices to which gods he would have to make to guarantee safe passage.[1] Proteus also told Menelaus that he was destined for Elysium (Heaven) after his death. Menelaus returned to Sparta with Helen, settling in Lacedaemon.[1] According to nonHomeric sources, after Menelaus' death his illegitimate son Megapenthes sent Helen into exile"3. 7. The Character of Agamemnon presents some discrepancies between the movie and The Iliad. Compare the character of Agamemnon in the movie with the one in The Iliad and highlight the differences. a. In The Iliad, Agamemnon is portrayed as a respectable representative of a king's authority. As the commander-in-chief, Agamemnon led the army to battle. He entered the battlefield himself, and performed many heroic deeds during his time there. He was then wounded, and he had to withdraw. His biggest problem was his arrogance, which led to disaster for the Greeks. In the movie, Agamemnon is portrayed as a power-hungry figure. He is killed for this greediness during the fall of Troy. 3 Menelaus: "Trojan War". Wikipedia. 8. In the movie, several single-duels between Greek and Trojan heroes do not appear. Name one of them and describe it. a. Hector and Ajax duel in the book, but do not duel in the movie. In Book 7 of the Iliad, Ajax is chosen to fight Hector in a duel which lasts a day. Ajax at first does better in the encounter, wounding Hector with his spear and knocking him down with a large stone, but Hector continues to fight on until Zeus commands the heralds to call a draw. The fight ends without a winner, and Ajax and Hector exchange gifts.. The second fight between Ajax and Hector occurs when Hector breaks into the Achaean camp and battles with the Greeks among the ships. In Book 14, Ajax throws a huge rock at Hector which almost kills him. In Book 15, Hector is given his strength back by Apollo and returns to attack the ships. Ajax uses a spear as a weapon and leaps from ship to ship and holds off the Trojan armies virtually by himself. In Book 16, Hector disarms Ajax and Ajax has to quit due to heavy fire. Hector and the Trojans burn one Greek ship, which almost finishes the war. Ajax kills many of the other Trojan lords. 9. In The Iliad the end of the duel between Paris and Menelaus differs from the movie. What happened in the Iliad when Paris was whisked away to his room? What did Helen tell Paris? a. Aphrodite whisks Paris away to his room. She then goes after Helen. She attempts to disguise herself as an old woman, but this doesn't fool Helen. She then sends Helen to Paris' bed. Helen gets angry at Aphrodite and tells her Menelaus has won and she belongs to him again again. Aphrodite gets mad and Helen agrees to go. Helen then chastises Paris when she arrives for being cowardly. 10. In the movie, the day after Hector killed Menelaus, the Trojans gathered in council. What did Priam decide to to? What did the omens mean? a. Priam decides to attack the Spartans due to the advice to most of his council. (Hector was against such an attack, for fear that it would unite the Spartans.) 11. In the movie, the Trojans attacked the Greeks during the night. What did they use to attack them? Did this really happen in the Iliad? a. The Trojans attacked the Greeks during the night with fireballs. This did not happen in the Iliad. 12. In The Iliad, the way how the events developed immediately after the death of Patroclus differ from the movie. Why in The Iliad is the battle over the corpse of Patroclus so important? a. This battle is extremely important. Patroclus is wearing Achilles' armor when he is killed. Fighting breaks out and both sides try to claim the body and the armor. Hector ends up with the armor, but thanks to Menelaus the Achaens bring the body to their camp. Achilles discovers that Hector has killed Patroclus, he is extremely enraged and filled with grief. He agrees to make up with Agamemnon and rejoin the battle, which proves the importance of this battle. 13. In The Iliad like in the movie the duel between hector and Achilles is one of the most important moments. What are the similarities and what are the differences? a. In the movie, "after an engaging sword and spear fight, Hector is killed by Achilles. Achilles drags Hector's body back to the Greek camp" 4. In the Iliad, Hector throws a spear at Achilles and misses. Hector then turns around to get another weapon from his brother, but due to works by Athena, his brother is not there. He realizes he is dooms, and asks Achilles to return his body to Priam for a proper burial. Achilles tells him no. He recognizes Hector's armor as his own, and he knew where the armor was weakest. He put his spear through the throat, and this kills Hector. He slits Hector's heels and puts a girdle through the slits. He attaches the girdle to his chariot and drives him to the Danaan camp. 14. In the movie Priam went to Achilles to ask for the return of Hector's corpse. What did he say about Achilles' father? Is this true in The Iliad? a. In the Iliad, Priam asks Achilles to remember his own father who has no one to defend him in his old age, but at least he knows his son is still alive. In the movie, Priam tells Achilles that at least his father was fortunate enough to die before he had to see his son fall. 15. In the movie, Achilles granted Priam 12 days of truce for the funeral games. Is this the same in The Iliad? a. The Iliad does not seem to specify a certain amount of time- it just states that time for funeral rights will be granted. 4 Troy: "Deviations from the Iliad". Wikipedia. ( 16. In the movie, when Priam found the wooden horse, he also saw some dead Greeks on the shore. What did they die of? a. They died of the Plague. Their flesh was desecrated by Apollo because they desecrated his temple. 17. Who is Lesley Fitton? a. Lesley Fitton is a curator of Greek Bronze Age Antiquities in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities at The British Museum. 18. In this short Documentary Peter O'Toole quoted a writer. Who is this writer? What is the exact quote? a. Peter O'Toole quoted the writer, Bernard Shaw, "No one has satisfactorily placed a boundary between myth and history." ...
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